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Hive Vibe Label is a boutique record label founded and owned by Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Composer and Music Producer Heidi B. Hive Vibe Label is born from Heidi B's  love of music and it presents an unique sound and a musical vision for the enjoyment of house and electronic music lovers all around the world! Hive Vibe Label: Taste of Sweetest Sounds Around!

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New Releases

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New Releases

Heidi B & Mimmino:
Elevate. Original Mix and Mimmino's Disco Remix 

Release date: January 13th, 2023 (Original Mix) and January 27th (Mimmino's Disco Remix)


Heidi B: I Rise

Release date: December 2nd, 2022

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Heidi B & Tayo Wink: Stories and Lies. Original, Deep and Big Room Mix.

Release date: November 11th, 2022.

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You Have Been Stung By Heidi B!

Hive Vibe Label is a boutique label owned by a recording artist, singer-songwriter, composer and music producer Heidi B, also referred as

Finland's House Music Queen! Heidi B has released chart topping house music productions in several labels around the globe and has been awarded as The Best Emerging Vocalist 2021 in OGV Music Awards, and she was award again as 2nd runner up for OGV Music Awards 2022 in the category of The Best Emerging Vocalist 2022.

She reached the prestigious number 1 spot at Traxsource Overall charts on 2022 with her track Choose the Love, together

with Dj Czezre, released at King Street Sounds.

So look forward some seriously catchy tracks from her to uplift your vibes high!!


  • Inari feat. Heidi B: Stronger. Kult Records. 2007

  • Inari project: Listen My Rhythm. Intellecto Recordings. 2007.

  • Ricardo Grau feat. Heidi B: I Cannot Lie. Kult records. 2008.

  • Arena feat. Heidi B: How You Touch Me. Kult Records. 2008.

  • Inari project: Push Ya. Solid Fabric Records. 2008.

  • Inari: Observer. Full Album. 2007. Klangecht productions.

  • Heidi B: Mr Fly. Broken Records. 2018.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: Why Me. Production Block Records. 2019.

  • Pierre Reynolds feat. Heidi B: Butterfly. Production Block Records. 2019.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B feat. Plash Muso: Free. Production Block Records. 2020.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B. feat Ceega Wa Meropa: It Is Time. Production Block Records. 2020.

  • Heidi B: Joy. Dbeatzion Records. 2020.

  • Handzoff, Emran Badalov feat. Heidi B: Movin. Bonanza Records. 2020.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: Want You To Stay. Pasqua Records. 2020.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: New Life. May Rush Music. 2020.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: Love Can Make It Work. Open Bar Music. 2020.

  • Emran Badalov & Heidi B: My Royal. S&S Records. 2020.

  • Heidi B. feat Emran Badalov: Little Fun. Embarcadero Records. 2021.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: Hypnotized. Pasqua Records. 2021.

  • Emran Badalov feat. Heidi B: Touch of Luv. Tactical Trax. 2021.

  • Heidi B: Somebody. Embarcadero Records. 2021.

  • Aldo Bergamasco feat. Heidi B: Sweetest Love. Morenloud. 2021.

  • Emran Badalov & Heidi B: Higher Ground. Moiss Music Black. 2021.

  • Heidi B. feat Emran Badalov: Gimme A Reason. Embarcadero Records. 2021.

  • Veev feat. Heidi B: It Was I. Bobbin Head Music. 2021.

  • J Maloe & Heidi B: Unity. Spoilt Brat Entertainment. 2021.

  • Emran Badalov & Heidi B: Paradise. Moiss Music Black. 2021.

  • Glovibes & Moasek feat. Heidi B: Don’t Give Up. Bonanza Records. 2021.

  • Heidi B: Dancin’. Hive Vibe Label. 2021.

  • Heidi B: Ready To Love. Hive Vibe Label. 2021.

  • Dj Czezre & Heidi B: Choose The Love. Nite Grooves/King Street Sounds. 2021.

  • Heidi B: After the Rain. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B: Dreams. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • DJ DS & Heidi B: Funk-O-Matic. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Dj Czezre & Heidi B: The Light. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Dj TechniQ & Heidi B: Waves of Love. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Giulio Mignogna, Mimmino & Heidi B: Grateful. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B & Kaippa: Love Affair. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Bored Ape feat. Heidi B: Letting It Go. Embarcadero Records. 2022

  • Emran Badalov & Heidi B: Take It Slow. DotDotDot Records. 2022.

  • Heidi B & Roberto Albini: Attraction. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B & Tayo Wink: Stories and Lies. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B: I Rise. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B: Home for Christmas. Hive Vibe Label. 2022.

  • Heidi B & Mimmino: Elevate. Hive Vibe Label. 2023.

Other Artists/ Remixers:


  • DJ TechniQ (Quinta Young)


  • DJ DS

Other Artists/ Remixers:

  • DJ Czezre

  • Mimmino

  • Giulio Mignogna

  • Roberto Albini

  • Tayo Wink



Make Some Buzz


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Heidi B wins The Best Emerging Vocalist 2021 award in The OGV Music Awards!

We are so excited and honoured to announce that Heidi B has been voted for The Best Emerging Vocalist 2021 in the The OGV Music Awards 2021!

We want to than all the fans, supporters, DJ's, Radio stations, fellow artists and labels that Heidi B has had the pleasure to work and collaborate with! Big thank you to The Only Good Vibes Music Awards for organising this event and giving recognition to us artists!

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11.11. 2021: Hive Vibe proudly presents its first release: Dancin'

It is time to head to the dance floor! Hive Vibe presents as its first release a brand new Heidi B track titled Dancin'. 

This catchy track is composed, written, produced and performed by Heidi B and comes with an original edit, Heidi B's Deep Disco Remix and a remix done by none other than DJ KAIPPA.

Release dates: 11th of November 2021 & 3rd of December 2021!!

Hive Vibe Introduces Their  Artists!

Hive Vibe Label is proud to introduce its' artist roster!

DJ KAIPPA is a Producer/Mix Master and a true ambassador of house music. He has made remixes for Mary J Blige, Captain Hollywood, Pandora, Stakka B, 49 Niners, 2 Unlimited and many more! His latest works include I Can't Explain feat. Kathy Brown,

and Hive Vibe is honoured to have him remix our first release Heidi B: Dancin' (KAIPPA Remix)!

 Afro House king J Maloe is among Traxsource 2021 Top 100 Afro House artists, his works include his own chart topping releases as

well as collaborations and remixes for other artists. J Maloe has had successful collaborations with Heidi B and we can't wait to hear more from this amazingly talented artist and music producer!

Dj TechniQ (Quinta Young, also known as DJ Q) has done an impressive international career as an artist, DJ, MC and a dancer,

releasing chart topping music with iconic house labels like i Am House. Get ready to hear his collaboration with Heidi B titled

Waves of Love and a hot Jackin Dub Remix of Heidi B's Dancin'. 

DJ DS! Hive Vibe label is happy to invite French DJ, international radio show host and music producer, DJ DS, to release a funky new collaboration titled Funk-O-Matic with Heidi B. This funky track is guaranteed to get your grooves on! 

Dj Czezre is music producer and DJ who has released in various prestigious labels like King Street Sounds, Nite Grooves,

House Royalty Records and many more! He has collaborated with Venessa Jackson, Demarcus Lewis among others and also has had previous successful collabs with Heidi B. We hare happy to welcome Dj Czezre to join Hive Vibe artist roster!

Mimmino is an Italian professionally trained music producer, whose DJ career dates back to the 80's and he is known from his

successful Soulful House productions. Hive Vibe Label is proud to have him part of our artist roster.

Giulio Mignogna is an Italian professional music producer, studio engineer and professional musician. His productions are rooted in

Disco, House, Soulful, Classic, Funky and Deep House. We are exited to have him join our Hive Vibe Label artist roster.

Roberto Albini, a professional music producer, dj and remixer from Italy with long career, who has worked with several house music

artists, including Melba Moore, and has made an impressive career in radio, joins to Hive Vibe Label team! We are very delighted

to welcome him on board!

Tayo Wink, USA originating music producer, remixer and CEO of  PandaBoy Music, with an amazing background of chart topping

house productions with various artists like Ed Ramsey, Crystal Levell, Rocky B and many more, joins Hive Vibe Label artist roster

and we are so very excited to have him part of our team!

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